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Memories That Shine

Aura Lanterns are handmade to reflect the breath-taking and unique environment of Emily Bay, Norfolk Island.  

These wax lanterns are designed to hold a small candle and emit a magical, delicate light.

If Norfolk Island holds a special home in your heart, you must get one of these extraordinary and unique keepsakes.


A Little Piece Of Norfolk

Owning one of these lanterns is like owning a work of art.  You will admire its beauty for years to come, each time appreciating something subtly different about it.  These lanterns are beautiful on the dinner table, next to your bed, beside the bath, on the porch, or even in the pool.  There is no substitute for the soft, romantic light of a candle.

Our Lanterns

Emelia Lanterns have been designed specifically to capture one of Norfolk Island's most beautiful beaches, Emily Bay. 
The creative and detailed designs are handcrafted using a paintbrush of flame,  depicting a scene of tranquility, including our native Norfolk Island Pines and Terns.
Each lantern has patterns that are organic and unique, like a work of art.  This means each lantern is slightly different and truly special.

Amelia Cube

Amelia Round

FREE Shipping Australia Wide!

What People Say

I just love mine, it will be a feature in our cottage....Thank You Justine!

Karen Innes-Walker 

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